Working night shift is catching up with Rushkah and she has requested my help with the newsletter.
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Dear Friends

Working night shift is catching up with Rushkah and she has requested my help with the newsletter. Oh my paws I am so excited to share all my secrets with you. You see friends, I sit in the office with the General Manager, Lorna and Head of Fundraising & Communications, Jess. They discuss all the secrets, successes and sometimes sad stories. I love getting involved and when things get really exciting we all break into song ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! See my singing pout above!

The bad guys are at it again, they have been twice. The first time was really scary - they arrived in the middle of the night, after cutting the alarm, they got to work kicking, banging and chipping away at the front door. Sadly they got into reception and stole food, our collection tin, labelling machine and tags. Luckily Rushkah and I were tucked away safely in our offices with the door closed and my mean bark scared them away (I don't have any teeth, but they don't need to know that!).

The second time they got into the roof and started to break in the ceiling of my office, I suspect they got a glimpse of me and called off the robbery. Grrrrr it makes me so cross because the amazing humans that work here are looking after THEIR communities and protect, care and love THEIR pets. I can't wait for the renovation and rebuild of our EDUCATION, ADOPTION & MANAGEMENT CENTRE.

Jess and Lorna tell me that to date we have raised just over R500 000.00 of the 1 million budget. Paw-lease can you lend a hand and make a donation today or click here to check out some fun and easy fundraising ideas.
We have a new kid on the block, can we have a round of a paws for our new Shelter Assistant, Alecia. Welcome to the AWSS Family. In other news, I have heard the faint sound of wedding bells and lots of oooohs and aaaahs at this shiney thing, friends MICHELLE SAID YES! Congratulations, wishing you a life time of happiness.
This is the Dog Box you want to be in!
Every day more and more of my fellow animal friends are being dropped at our shelter and the calls of help continue to flood in. Jess uses this big important word 'sustainability' and the Dog Box is one of the many means used to ensure we are able to continue to help my unwanted, stray and abandoned friends. 

The Dog Box is stocked entirely by donations and our staff are committed to providing the very best service and quality items for sale, the shop is open every Saturday from 9am - 1pm. Donation drop offs are welcome daily, don't forget to pop in and say hi to me, donations of treats are welcome too!

Sterilisation saved my life, at 12 years old I arrived at the shelter malnourished, covered in mange and with six desperate pups in tow. For the first time I experienced a soft touch and helping hand. After taking care of my babies and watching them find their forever homes, the clinic team sterilised me and saved me from a life of rampant over breeding. 

With the financial support of the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust a further 528 of my fellow four leggeds will be sterilised and saved from a life of over breeding, cruelty and neglect. A thousand thank you's from a very thankful hound and a word from Jess:

"It is clear by the objects that the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust set out, that they understand the importance of the work we do within the surrounding pet communities and with their contribution we will be able to fulfill our goals, and continue to make a difference in the lives of the thousands of animals we treat annually.

We are so fortunate to have the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust as a funder and look forward to sharing the project progress with you all". 

Wow I love a happy tail, if you would like to sponsor a sterilisation you can do so here. Each donor will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the animal your gift has helped.  
I think that having a rescue pet is like eating treats, you can't just have one. Pop down to my shelter and visit our Kennels and Cattery. I promise you will find yourself a furever bestie. If adopting is not an option right now then contact kennels and join the Watershed Woof Wellness Project -  together we can make a difference.

Right, I'm off to sniff out some secrets for the next edition.


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