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As the inhabitants of such a relatively young nation it’s fairly difficult to comprehend just how diverse and interesting China really is, so let’s give it some context; China's written history alone goes back some 3300 years before Australia was born.

What's most remarkable though, is the amount of history left behind, and the lengths to which the locals will go to protect it. Take a look at the video below and you'll be amazed by the ambitious feat of architectural and ecological conservation that went into the construction of Amanyangyun; Aman’s newest resort in China:
This luxury destination, the fourth Aman property in China, is set just outside downtown Shanghai in an ancient camphor forest. Take a look at the three other Aman resorts below.
Informed by the Nakhi culture, Amandayan overlooks Lijiang's old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Arranged around calm courtyards, Amandayan’s dwellings are imbued with the clean lines and the architectural aesthetic of the indigenous Nakhi people using locally sourced materials, including Yunnan pine.
Just a few steps from the East Gate of the vast Summer Palace grounds, Aman Summer Palace offers a selection of heritage-imbued dwellings, including those once used by guests awaiting an audience with the Empress. Palaces, pavilions and ornate bridges are set around Kunming Lake. This estate is a masterpiece of architecture, landscape and design.
Surrounded by tea plantations and bamboo groves, Amanfayun is a spiritual sanctuary informed by Chinese tradition and Buddhist monastic culture. Explore this centuries-old village, a UNESCO Heritage Site offering a glimpse of traditional China near West Lake restored using ancient techniques.
​Explore China’s diverse heritage and beauty with a journey across Aman destinations. Take in the best of China highlights, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to serene natural wonders, with a personalised itinerary that connects all three Aman destinations
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