With the festive season just around the corner, we thought we would just send out a little reminder this week that we offer a wide range of group tours perfect for any trip.
Why Go It Alone? We Do Group Tours!

Many of you will have heard the expression 'there's safety in numbers' and that certainly applies to travel; when you find yourself in a unfamiliar location it's always comforting to have others around you with similar backgrounds and shared interests. 

That's why, we thought we would just send out a little reminder this week that we offer a wide range of group tours perfect for any trip.

Whether you're looking for an interesting place to host a conference, looking for a great team building trip for your office, or if you want to arrange a getaway for your school group, we've got you covered. We can tailor make the perfect group trip to meet whatever requirements you have, no matter whether you're bringing 10 people or a hundred.

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Four Reasons To Travel In A Group
1. You will always have someone to explore and share experiences with.
While travelling solo can be a great experience, with a group you will always find someone who wants to do the things you want to do. Whether you like finding obscure landmarks or trying your luck at local sports, you'll find someone who likes doing that too.
2. You’ll get to see things you might not get to on your own.
There are some things you can only do if you're travelling in a group, like booking out a taverna overlooking the Aegean in Greece or skipping the line at the Vatican Museum. Travelling as a group guarantees much more variety in what you can see on your trip.
3. One word: discounts!
It's the same principle as buying in bulk; the more you buy in one go, the cheaper you can get it for. Travelling with a group gives you access to some incredible discounts and packages that solo travellers just don't get.
4. You can always go off on your own.
The absolute best thing about group travel is that if you can stick to the group's planned itinerary or you wander off to try something different all by yourself. Travelling in a group gives you the best of both worlds.
Tour Scandinavia: 6 Cabins Remaining
Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise next tour group leaves Bergen, Norway, on June 28, 2020 for a 15 night cruise up the west coast of Norway visiting all the magnificent fjords along the way. In 2014, we did a group tour to Norway and a Baltic Cruise and it left us wanting to take a group again, but to visit all the fjords that you can only visit by ship. Our choice of Viking Cruises was made on the basis that their ships are in the small category and can visit those hard to get to destinations. Care for the passenger makes your experience all the more worthwhile.
We have 6 cabins still available so get in now to make your booking. Call or email just as soon as possible.

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