Intrepid releases their Top 10 Destinations!

Every destination has it's own charm and we don’t like to play favourites, but there are 195 countries in the world today. So unless you visit about three of them EACH year of your life, it's most unlikely that you'll get to see them all (unless, of course, you travel for a living).

Intrepid Travel gets it - with so many fantastic choices out there, travel’s a big decision, so they've put together a Top 10 list of destinations that stand out from the crowd. Places that offer 'Unique experiences' - places Intrepid have been travelling to for the past three decades, where their tours combine a mix of classic highlights and local secrets you won’t find on Google. Scroll down to learn about these 10 destinations and a featured tour each.
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There's so many different ways to see the world, why would you choose to travel the Intrepid way? At Intrepid, they offer more than just small group travel tours. As the world's leading operator of sustainable, ethical small group adventures, they believe that travelling responsibly is the only way to travel.

Whether it's the environment, animal welfare, child protection or gender equality, Intrepid are constantly supporting research, developing programs and implementing ways to make a positive difference in the communities they travel to. They also operate The Intrepid Foundation, a not-for-profit which allows travellers to give back to community projects.
1. Nordic Nirvana
Take one small island and maroon it miles from anywhere. Populate it with Viking descendants, power it with volcanoes and add gurgling hot springs & majestic waterfalls, and you get Iceland.
Featured Journey:
Northern Lights Escape
Discover the raw natural beauty of this spectacular Nordic wonderland on a 6-day trip that will have you stalking close to epic glacial sheaths, feeling the icy spray of the Gullfoss waterfall and becoming acquainted with the culture and cuisine of an Arctic island outpost unlike any other.
2. Ancient Wonders
Awesome ancient wonders, endless golden sands, the imposing glory of the Pyramids of Giza and atmospheric local souqs make Egypt the ultimate travel destination. 
Featured Journey:
Egypt Experience
Travel to Egypt and experience the 'Land of the Pharaohs' on this exciting trip. Experience the history, grandeur and culture of ancient Egypt. For action and adventure that doesn't stray too far out of the comfort zone, this is the perfect introduction to Egypt's famous treasures.
3. Sacred Land
Discover landscapes etched with enigmatic lines, wild Amazon jungle and soaring Andes mountains – Peru harbours secrets dating a millennium. And warm, proud descendants of the Incas.
Featured Journey:
Sacred Land of the Incas
Walk beneath the Amazon Jungle's lush canopy, trek the llama-filled plains of the Sacred Valley, stroll the cobblestone streets of Cusco,experience a homestay in a traditional community and tackle the ancient road to Machu Picchu .
4. Simply Tasty
Wherever we travel, it’s the flavours we remember best. A crusty bánh mì or streetside pho, seafood cù lao hotpots and coffee with condensed milk. Vietnam tours are tasty - plain and simple. 
Featured Journey: 
Vietnam Express Southbound
See the very best that Vietnam has to offer in just 10 days as you traverse the country from top to bottom with a small group of up to 15 new friends.Travel by boat, train, plane, private bus, taxi and even on the back of a motorbike!
5. Vibrance
There’s no country on the planet that blazes its way into your memory like India. Years later, you can still hear the morning calls of the chai wallahs and the silence of the desert, see smoke curling over the Ganges and a golden Varanasi sunrise. 
Featured Journey: 
India's Golden Triangle
Visit India and trace the famous Golden Triangle. Enjoy the perfect introduction to India's three most popular destinations - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - as you explore the icons and discover the secrets of this fascinating country. 
6. Timeless Ruins
Pristine rainforest. Ancient rock fortresses. Tea plantations. Wildlife aplenty. Watching orphaned baby elephants enjoy their breakfast. And some of the most perfect beaches on the planet. There are so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka.
Featured Journey: 
Circle Sri Lanka
Embark on a unique, fun, culture-rich tour. From ancient Anuradhapura city to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the impressive Sigiriya rock fortress. Trek through lush tea plantations and indulge in seafood feasts in quaint fishing villages.
7. Adventure
Sitting on the spine of the world, sandwiched between the superpowers of China and India, you’ll find humble Nepal - a tiny Himalayan country where sherpas trudge the mountain paths and prayer flags crisscross the sky,
Featured Journey: 
Everest Base Camp Trek
Take on the adventure of a lifetime trekking in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp. Flying in to Lukla, explore the mountains and valleys around the towering peak, rest in Nepalese teahouses, learn about the cultures of the famous Sherpa and spend time in exotic Kathmandu.
8. Exotic
Cosmopolitan cities with modern delights, archaeological sites filled with ancient splendour, curious landscapes straight out of a storybook and picture-perfect coastlines frequented by the jet set… this is tantalising Turkey! 
Featured Journey: 
Turkey Encompassed
Experience the stunning sights and tantalising tastes of Turkey on this two-week adventure that takes in all the highlights and then some. Explore Istanbul, behold landscapes like no other around Cappadocia, and sail the all-too-pretty islands off Kekova.
9. The Good Life
From wandering the ancient sidewalks of Rome to cruising the canals of Venice, nothing seduces like a slice of la dolce vita in Italy. Only in Italy can you break your pizza-eating best in Naples, down limoncello like it’s going out of fashion in Sorrento and fine-tune the art of wandering through masterpiece-filled museums in Florence. Get into the good life by cycling across Tuscany’s hinterland, go hiking among olive groves along the Amalfi coast or set off on a sailing trip around the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.  The food is phenomenal, but the people are what make it. Italy’s got it all and more… to boot!
Featured Journey: 
Best Of ITaly
La dolce vita is exactly what the Best of Italy trip is all about. Starting in the 'Eternal City' of Rome and ending by the canals of Venice, uncover the best of northern Italy. Experience classic Italian food, wine, history and style - all the things this wonderful country is famous for
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