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Welcome all to another Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise newsletter.

This week we are happy to share with you some information about Viking Cruises. Having provided some of the world's finest cruises on the rivers and canals around Europe for a number of years, they have recently brought their very special recipe to the oceans with great success; so much so that we are using Viking on our Group Tour to Norway and into the Midnight Sun in June 2020... Come join us! More about that below. 

Catching Up With An Old Friend

This last week, we met up with Sharon for lunch at the Carriage Cafe in Seville; she wishes to be remembered to you all. Her son is planning for his wedding which meant there were lots to catch up on. Sharon used to care for the shop when we were accompanying travelers on our group tours.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

I have been very busy this week finalizing documents for clients going on a cruise out of Japan, a trip for six to Holland to visit relatives, a family to Calgary and on to New York, a couple to Egypt and Jordan, and a group of hunters to New Zealand. All these trips were planned successfully as they all had a common theme - booking early. It's a safe way of ensuring your upcoming holidays happen. With so many holidaymakers choosing to travel overseas now, it is best to give me a call and start the ball rolling now. It would be a catastrophe to miss out.
Last weekend, we visited the Werribee Estate and the Victorian Rose Gardens there. If you ever get the chance, take a picnic lunch and enjoy this magnificent area. Well worth the time and sooooo relaxing. They are just off the freeway west of Melbourne down towards Geelong. Both of us are keen photographers and it looks like a relative is keen to get photos of us too.
Have a great week and I look forward to helping you soon. Lyn.
... And now enjoy all the nice things

about cruising with Viking to many fascinating

destinations around the world.
Just like the original Vikings, Viking Cruises are true innovators when it comes to exploring and uncovering the treasures of the world. Bringing their award-winning all-inclusive recipe from river cruising to the world's oceans, you'll enjoy fewer sea days and more time in port, with each thoughtfully curated shore excursion allowing you to immerse yourself in each and every location.

Book select Viking Ocean cruises before 31 March 2019 and enjoy a host of added value.
Scroll down for four of our favourite itineraries, but first - if you're new to Viking Ocean cruises - we recommmend that you click below and find out what makes them the world's best.
Mediterranean Odyssey
13 Days / 10 Guided Tours / 6 Countries / From $7,095pp in Deluxe Veranda 

Barcelona - Venice / Vice Versa

Set course for unforgettable exploration to some of the Mediterranean’s most historic ports: the fabled towns of Tuscany, ancient Rome and canal-laced Venice.

Enjoy ample time to savor Barcelona’s easygoing spirit with an overnight stay. Discover the French Riviera’s seaside pleasures in Marseille and Monte Carlo. And visit Dubrovnik, a hidden medieval jewel. Along the way, connect to this remarkable region with the finest cuisine.
Into The Midnight Sun
15 Days / 9 Guided Tours / 3 Countries / From $9,995pp in Veranda stateroom

Bergen - London / Vice Versa

Cruise deep-cut fjords along the fabled Norwegian coast. Sail across the Arctic Circle where the midnight sun shines 24 hours a day. Then follow the path of Vikings from the remote beauty of North Cape to the windswept Shetland and Orkney Islands of Scotland. Enjoy an overnight stay in the former Hanseatic League city of Bergen and visit the Scottish capital Edinburgh, where medieval glory mingles with classic beauty.
North Pacific Passage
23 Days / 11 Guided Tours / 4 Countries / From $11,595pp in Veranda stateroom

Tokyo - Vancouver / Vice Versa

Unravel the mysteries of Japan with local guides. Learn about life in a remote Russian city with one who calls it home. Cross the Bering Sea, tracing the path of the first human migration to the Americas. In Alaska, cruise into glacier-strewn, mountain-ringed bays, stopping in former frontier towns to hear stories of trappers and lumberjacks. Overnight stays in Tokyo, Sapporo and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky help you explore fully.
Far Eastern Horizons
15 Days / 9 Guided Tours / 3 Countries / From $9,595pp in Deluxe Veranda

Hong Kong - Tokyo / Vice Versa

Unravel the mysteries of one of the most captivating corners of Asia. Mingle with merchants at Hong Kong’s famed Stanley Market. Learn the nuances of Taiwan from a local. Hear about the recovery of Nagasaki and Hiroshima from residents who connect you to their rebirths. Witness Busan’s bustling South Korean culture. And make sense of the dazzling cultures of Shimizu and Tokyo with the help of those who live there. Overnight stays in four ports let you delve deeply.

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