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We're Home, But We Are Still Here!

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you are all coping in your world, both at work and at home.    I don’t want to use the phrases that we keep hearing, but in 40 years of being in travel I have never ever seen such a dreadful time. I look to the positives, starting with the team of strong experienced women I work with. You see people’s true colours in adversity and they have come up GOLD. They have only been concerned with your holidays and business trips.    We cannot see where this is going to end or what we will even look like at the other end. Like all business and especially those in our industry we have to make some tough decisions. We do intend to ride this out.  

We are temporarily hibernating our business. Your money is safe with us, processed for refund, or sitting in credit with cruise, tour companies and airlines. It is no secret that the travel industry has come to a complete stop and due to government guidelines, we will have a skeleton staff working from home. We are not closing our business.
During this time, please contact us through our monitored email address: 

If you have an emergency, kindly contact Karen on 0411989441
We are unable to do much with bookings from June on, as many of the wholesalers , cruise companies and airlines only have terms and conditions out til the end of May. Some like us will be shrinking down over the next couple of months, for example Qantas have grounded their fleet til 31 may at this stage. Our promise to you is that we are still keeping an eye on your booking and if anything changes you will hear from us.
There Are Still Moments Of Joy
We were blessed with a little ray of sunshine last Monday when our first grandchild came into the world safe and sound. She is beautiful of course, but I only know that from photos and a
couple of videos as we may not visit her in order to keep her safe. Can you imagine the day we can finally meet her, what joy.

I hope you all are finding something that perhaps you have overlooked or discovered that will give you moments of joy in this rather stark landscape. Perhaps thinking about your next holiday will help and we will give you a few ideas in the coming weeks.
We anticipate being back in store on the 18th of May. Should this change we will update you via email, our website and Facebook. Good luck to all and your families at this challenging time, thank you for your understanding, we look forward to seeing you all on the other side.

Much love from myself, Stacey, Jo, Lisa and Silvana

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