A night with the EWT team, jazz musician James Morrison and a charity we are proud to support.

Join us for a very special event celebrating 

20 years of Women For Women In Africa

At Emma Whiting Travel we believe in making meaningful impact. Responsibly curated travel can, and should, enrich the lives of local communities, promote empathy, tolerance and a global perspective. We frequently return from far flung places inspired, educated and ambassadors for positive change. Africa in particular is a continent that has captured the hearts of many of us here at Emma Whiting Travel, and no doubt many of you also. It is a magical, complex, and emotional destination.

Many of you will already be aware of our longstanding relationship with Women For Women In Africa (WFWIA), providing us a purposeful way to give back to this special place and people. The 20 year celebration is a momentous occasion, and the upcoming event featuring Jazz musician James Morrison, along with the whole team of Emma Whiting Travel is sure to be a night to remember. We look forward to seeing you there!
More about Women For Women In Africa

“Women for Women in Africa is a charity run by Australian volunteers. We work with the women and children of Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum by providing education and resources to enable them to live a life of dignity and hope. With a particular focus on children, we provide support through educational sponsorship. We also support women through various skills training programs which has fantastic outcomes with community capacity building. Our Centre in Nairobi provides outreach & welfare support, ICT programs, school holiday training and learning activities, together with an off site safe home called Salama house for girls at risk and another one at Otiende for the boys”
- Mary Campbell Founding Member.
The Journey 

The belief that the best way to relieve poverty is via education resonated with Emma over 15 years ago, inspired by a group of volunteers working tirelessly to empower and support this community. The journey since has been full of blessings. Emma spent time in Kibera, being guided through the slum by some of the children supported by WFWIA. Their joy, gratitude, and youthful optimism was infectious and humbling, and compelled Emma to do more. Staff at EWT over the years have sponsored children, hosted events, encouraged contribution and engaged with WFWIA in many ways. Emma joined the board five years ago and continues to support the incredible people who dedicate their time to help change the lives of women and children in Kibera.  
Get involved

WFWIA is run entirely by volunteers and generous donations. It is a privilege to support charities such as WFWIA, and we encourage you to contribute in any way that resonates with you. The below are some suggestions, and Emma and the team at Emma Whiting Travel can explore this with you further and answer any questions you may have.
Event Attendance
The majority of proceeds raised will be reinvested back into WFWIA
Your Time & Talent
WFWIA are always looking for volunteers with a variety of skill sets to contribute to one off projects or ongoing assistance. Find out more here:
Volunteer for WFWIA - Women for Women in Africa
Event Auction
There will be some incredible items available for bidding, so dig deep!
At present an incredible 96% of money raised goes directly to the education and support of children in Kibera. If you wish to donate, you can do so here: Donation - Women for Women in Africa

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