Rise & Shine! Early Bird Deals Explained, plus some travel insurance myths busted!
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Rise & Shine! Early Bird Deals Explained

Are you thinking of going on holiday in the next year?

Would you be tempted if the airfares were free?

Is it attractive to pay a deposit now and pay later?

Would you like us to take care of the deadlines?

Do you want your own personalised travel app?

Did you answer yes? Then register now for our Early Bird Deals!!
When it comes to saving money on flights and holidays, booking early is the key and early is now! Each year we have limited-time early-bird specials offering low fares for the following year to some of the world's most popular destinations: Europe; USA; Canada; Asia and Africa - and they are starting now. Some deals that caught our eye this week are:
  • Trafalgar and Insight Vacations – book and deposit for travel in 2020 by 20th September and pay 2019 prices;
  • Scenic Tours – fly to Europe from $95 per person on Europe River cruises, flights included to Asia for Mekong and Irrawaddy River Cruises, book by 16th December to take advantage. 
  • Viking Cruises – fly free to Europe for selected cruises over 12 days, or you companion flies free for cruises 11 days or less
  • Lufthansa Group Airlines early bird fares to Europe – economy from $871, Premium Economy from $2,271 and Business Class from $5,273
As with all sales, terms and conditions for the above offers apply. Register your holiday preferences now to get the best cabin, tour and seats available.
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Price Vs Value: Understanding The Difference
A picture is worth a thousand words, but can you trust it? Check with the experts before clicking a button you can’t reverse.  Here at The World @ Braeside Travel we spend ALL of our time immersed in the industry, with our ears firmly to the ground. We visit destinations and experience it for ourselves so your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

In short; there's a difference between getting the lowest price and getting the best value, so avoid the nightmare and live the dream by coming to the heart of travel. It is going to be a busy year in 2020 and my team can make your trip the best ever, register now.


Karen Kenter
P.s For every “Early Bird” sold in our 30th birthday year, we are giving 20% off your travel insurance and complimentary access to our travel app for your trip. 
Travel Insurance:

Something You Have To Buy But Hope Never To Use

Although it doesn’t get the same amount of attention, travel insurance is just as important to your holiday as your flights and accommodation.  It’s because of this that travellers often make assumptions about what cover they have, and what it can do. Some of the most common myths surrounding Travel Insurance:
Myth 1:
I'm Covered with My Credit Card
Many travellers assume that the complimentary cover offered by most credit cards is all they’ll need, but don’t be fooled; there’s no such thing as a free dinner! Credit Card insurance often has to be explicitly activated, otherwise the cover is restricted; and this differs from provider to provider.

Premium cards do not guarantee any premium cover, and worryingly your travelling partner may not be covered.
Myth 2:
Price vs. Payout
Travel insurance extends far beyond simple cover, and the Dollar value you have attributed to each circumstance; if you fall and break your ankle whilst walking the Great Wall your first thought won’t be "Oh good, I have the first $15,000 of my medical fees covered!" – you’ll want to pick up a phone, dial a number, and know that you’ll be taken care of anytime of the day, anywhere in the world. That is where specialist cover really comes in to its own.

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